How fast do you want your site to be?

Performance, Security, Scalability. You can now use these benefits of Jamstack sites in plain .NET Core.


What is Jamstack

Jamstack is an architecture for building fast and scalable websites. The content and templates are mixed together using a static site generator which pre-generates all pages of the site. Jamstack site is then typically hosted on a CDN to ensure easy and cheap availability and scalability.

What is Statiq

Statiq is currently the only static site generator for .NET.

Jamstack on .NET with Statiq

How do you store classes?Model classesModel classes
How do you implement business logic?Controller + additionallibraries Pipeline + additional libraries
How do you implement website views?Razor viewsRazor views
How do you typically get the data?Traditional CMS, database, API Headless CMS, database, API 
What framework do you use?.NET Framework, .NET Core .NET Core, .NET 5 
What IDE do you use?Visual Studio, VS CodeVisual Studio, VS Code

Traditional or headless CMS

The architecture of Jamstack encourages you to separate concerns. To decouple content from business logic and presentation layer. The website content is typically stored in a cloud-based headless CMS. You don't need to care about hosting or updates, only ask API for the data you want.

The headless CMS Kentico Kontent is the only one that is fully integrated with Statiq, the static site generator for .NET.


Hosting Jamstack

Jamstack site is pre-generated into a set of static files and client JavaScripts. It does not require the processing power of the hosting server. You won't need to set up expensive scaling and use high tiers of database plans.

Static files can be placed on a CDN. Content Delivery Network hosting is cheaper and allows for better availability and scalability. By replicating your data in multiple locations it brings your data closer to your visitors.

await Bootstrapper
    // ...
dotnet run -- deploy

Propagating changes to Jamstack site

Whenever you change content or code, the Jamstack site needs to rebuild. The rebuild happens on a build server and is triggered automatically using a webhook notification.

For example, GitHub sends a webhook every time you push. A headless CMS sends a webhook every time you publish a content item.


How to start

dotnet new console --name FromZeroToHero
dotnet add package Statiq.Web -v 1.0.0-*

Get your content from a headless CMS or another data source.

Implement your markup in Razor views

dotnet run